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When entrepreneurs, leaders and high achievers want to effect change, they call Shawn. With over 28 years of practical experience impacting organizations and empowering people, Shawn knows business and understands people.

Shawn’s background and education are business centric, but the removal of expected achievement time frames and effective leadership take more than knowing just the transactional aspects of building and scaling a successful company. 

Of course, you already know that processes, systems, and procedures are important and necessary to the building and scaling of a successful company, but real results driven change requires more than just the theory. Because it’s people that build and lead companies and organizations, Shawn took it upon himself to study human beings.


  • How we think, when we do. 
  • What drives our decisions. 
  • Why we do what we do. 
  • What and who influence our behaviors. 
  • What elements impact our outcomes. 
  • What motivates us to want to have an impact.

Shawn’s approach and proven methodology are different. One of the primary reasons you will want to work with Shawn, is to experience improved results. Without exception this requires a holistic approach. Excelling in one area or so-called specialty isn’t the answer you’re looking for, because it won’t deliver what you want and deserve. 

Shawn will work with you to determine what clarity looks like for you, and once that is achieved, you will work with Shawn on a collaborative basis to reverse engineer that objective and invest your time to only those action steps and tactility that are High Leverage Activities (HLA’s). 

You can’t do it alone! Your partnership with Shawn and the CYR team will take you from wherever you are, to where you want to go, all while collapsing time frames.

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